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P4D partner with builders and contractors supporting you with your client building and plan designs.

Are you a builder or a contractor who needs a commercial building designer to help with your project?

Planning 4 Design ensures that you will get what you envisioned for your ideal home. We’ve been serving South East Queesland in the building and building design industry for 40 years and we always meet the expectations of our clients.

With 40 years of experience we can help with your commercial project design & build. As a builder or contractor, you are responsible for a lot of things:

  • organising and managing your clients’ property needs;
  • following guidelines;
  • managing and interpreting plans;
  • preparing various paperwork;
  • inspections …

… all while supervising other employees and subbies to ensure safety standards are met.

We can help you throughout your construction project through the following services:

  • Commercial planning
  • Renovations
  • Extensions and additions
  • Design solutions
  • Internal changes
  • Certified approvals
  • Project completion
Builder & Commercial Design

P4D can help you solve your building design and planning problems so you can focus on other significant tasks at hand. Talk to us about your building project needs.

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Planning your commercial building design with us

At Planning 4 Design, our goal is to make sure that we help you meet your clients’ expectations and more. We give close attention to all the projects given to us and prioritise your needs to guarantee quality results.

Working with us means:

  • Having an independent counselling process to help you find the best solutions to you and your clients’ requirements
  • We’ll take care of your building application processes and building approvals
  • A survey of the land for height and design considerations
  • A successful building approval process
  • Working with other specialists and consultants
  • Receiving multiple commercial building design plans for your clients’ needs
  • Affordable building designers in Queensland
Planning Commercial Building

The services we offer include:

  • Design and planning for your new commercial project
    We provide fresh ideas and plans from the beginning until the end of your commercial project if you haven’t fully planned out what you want yet.
  • Design and planning up to 2000m²
    With us, you maximise space. We have various experiences with multi-residential and self-contained units, restaurants, and office type buildings.
  • Cost effective design solutions
    Working within your budget is one of our priorities. A series of drawings and designs are made using different design programs for a variety of results to choose from.
  • Internal layout or floor plan changes
    Remodelling or expanding the space for a property is essential especially when there’s a new purpose at hand. We work within and beyond what is needed to ensure that the clients get what they need.
  • Engagement of engineering consultants
    Our team works with a range of consultants to make sure that your plans are well-prepared and professionally done.
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Building construction considerations

Classifying what you’re going to build is important. A property should be constructed according to the design and purpose that’s going to take place.

Our experience in construction buildings and commercial floor plan design in Brisbane includes:

  • Multi-storey buildings
  • Industrial properties
  • Multi-residential and self-contained units
  • Retails and restaurants
  • Office type buildings

Constructing a property will fall into place once you’re sure of its function and purpose. Some considerations when building property includes:

  • Functionality – The space should have considerations regarding the building type. You can’t build restaurants designed like multi-storey residential buildings because the use and requirements of each building is different.
  • Health and safety – Builders and contractors should follow safety codes, regulations and evacuations for hazards. Proper planning helps reduce the risks and causes of accidents.
  • Efficiency – Efficient planning prevents adding construction cost to projects. A place built with well-prepared layouts, designs, and organisation affect the productivity and budget of the client.

Things to remember when constructing commercial buildings:

  1. Location and building type assessment
    The common building types include retail, industrial, residential, hotel, office, gym, or specialty buildings like a movie theatre. Each has different needs so it’s also important to choose a location made for commercial development and easy to access.
  2. Planning and other requirements
    Think about the size, area, rooms, possibilities of expansion and the number of people that will occupy the property. Secure every zoning laws, permits, and other local requirements. It’s advisable to settle everything before the actual construction of the property since there are certain locations with height, floors, and colour restrictions.
  3. Budget
    Arrange your finances so all the necessary funds are in place once everyone is ready to start the project. List all the possible expenses for the construction and other expenses.
  4. Selecting an architect and contractor
    Inspect licenses and make sure that they are properly registered. Look into the construction methods they use to see if they’re updated or not.
  5. Know the team
    Get to know who will handle the project and have good communication with them. Be open with your needs with them to make sure that your property is constructed well.
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Need a floor plan change?

Here are some signs it’s time to have a floor plan change or expansion:

  • The layout of your property is too small
  • The style doesn’t fit your needs
  • Building a new property or upgrading is more costly

Options for floor plan change:

  • Changing the floor plan within the existing footprint without altering exterior walls and roofline
  • Adding square footage to your property by changing the roofline and expanding its footprint

Tell us what you need! Our experience with internal layout and floor plans can help you with your project.

Change to building plan

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There’s no room for stress and uncertainty in building your client’s dream project! Ensure that they have a great experience by providing smooth transactions and meet their expectations throughout the building process.

Learn more about our building design services today. Let’s talk about how we can help on your building project.

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